CBSE Affiliation No. 1030955

Computer Lab

PPIS has a spacious Computer Lab which can accommodate 42 students at a time. The lab is fitted with ultra modern interiors which are designed for a comfort and easy functioning. All the PCs are connected to a single network through a virtual desktop so that data can be easily transferred and shared by all.. The lab is equipped with an online UPS system which provides a power back-up for several hours. It has 42 new LCD Computers. Here students perform their practicals under the supervision of our Computer teachers. Here they come closer to various computer applications such as operating with WORD, EXCEL and POWER POINT Presentations and Computer programming Languages such as Basic, C++ and Java. They are also taught data base management systems. They use computers for accessing the internet, and various reference sources. The internet facility is available on all the PCs .The IT Department strictly manages network-security through Firewall Fortinet. Weekly preventive maintenance is done to check power condition, the hard discs, CPUs, memory HDD etc. Special care is taken to observe the functioning of the software to prevent VIRUS from damaging the computers.